A ‘job.’  If you knew me at all throughout this last year, it’s likely that this was the one word you heard incessantly pouring out of my mouth.  If you were a teacher, a family member, a friend of a friend, or a stranger, I probably have pestered you about the same word too.  The […]

Upon viewing Spotify’s latest ad campaign, it led me to think a bit more broadly about their overall business strategy and why I love the service so much. Their latest campaign is all about the idea that behind every track on Spotify, there’s a story that is created by its users; what makes the music […]

This past week, luxury skin care company SK-II released a video that is receiving significant attention on the internet.  Released and intended for the Chinese segment of the brand, the video has successfully highlighted a cultural norm that is incredibly specific to China and created conversation about it across borders. The video, originally posted on […]

Last Wednesday I walked into my senior capstone class not entirely sure what the plan for class was.  Elaine mentioned that we were going to have a speaker but didn’t give us much of an intro other than him being ‘a speaker’ and that we will find out the rest once he arrives.  What walked in […]

Before reading further on this post, you should know that I am far from an expert on 1) big data or 2) James Bond, and this is purely an opinion piece (with some data points included). This past week I finally got around to watching the most recent 007 movie.  I typically really do like the movies […]

  It’s been months since Chipotle’s recent E. Coli scandal was officially declared over.  Why then, is the brand still struggling with its stock price and sales at record lows? It’s more than the 500 people who have gotten sick from Chipotle’s food.  It’s the failure of their brand purpose. Starbucks had a similar E. Coli […]

As the global messaging market continues to expand, brands are rightfully seeking the best ways to achieve the most personalized, real-time communication with consumers.  As a form of communication, emojis offer brands an unparalleled, seamless entry into the conversations consumers are already having.  With more than 92% of the online population using emojis, some brands […]