Content Strategy

The Ask:

Make’s, content more readable, accessible, useful, and easily expandable. is a Chinese fasion and tourism start-up based in Shanghai that aims to reveal shopping insights from locals around the world to encourage authentic, off-the-beaten-path travel experiences for tourists.  

The Answer:

  1. Became key decision-leader in site’s strategic positioning overhaul 
  2. Ideated and analyzed a user-generated content campaign to support positioning 
  3. Managed website content curation

The Outcome:

  • Launched user-generated content campaign in July, by mid-August the campaign had successfully collected more than 2,750 new site users and 15,000 unique pieces of content.  The campaign outlasted my stay in Shanghai, and the campaign design will be utilized repeatedly for various cities around the world.  
  • Developed more than 15 specific endemic media strategies for different global cities 
  • Crafted content curation plans.  Once content curation plans were established, hired and managed five freelancers who worked to populate website content in an efficient, pre-established workflow. In under a week, five freelancers gathered complete sets of content for 6 different cities.  

Campaign Response Page

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